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weddingof / Leden / weddingof



3277 keer bezocht sinds 22 November 2011, 10:10
Naam Weddingof Weddingof
Geboortedatum 22-12-1982
Leeftijd 35
Woonplaats ????, België

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5 Maart 2013, 16:43

hello dear
How are you doing? my name is Anita, it is my pleasure to write you today.I will appreciate your friendship.I am very honest,caring,loving,I believe strongly in peace and human rights,love,music,reading and holidays etc. you can write mail to me through this email address ( i will be happy to reply you with my picture of me for future correspondence.
Hope to hear from you
geert van de laer
geert van de laer
31 December 2011, 15:25


wil jij je parfums,verzorgingsproducten,schoonheidsproducten aan inkoopprijs en zo er ook nog iets mee bijverdienen

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'think too many'

Geplaatst 10 Februari 2012, 02:02

Everyone part play oneself of Huan monster part say:"Why want to grasp with this ball?The difficult way can't be like to settle contract similar with do they order?So is to simplify matters very much?Why still need to use what ball?Bother!"

The day show off a listen to say of explanation:"Because now of the person have already forgotten how order contract with Huan monster, have to use so of method to grasp.Rightness?How hasn't dragon runescape power leveling    elder brother's shoulding be concealed with that grasp?Did you find out oneself to like?"The day show off a see me with should be concealed haven't come back and then ask a way.I with should be concealed and all not like Huan here a monster, so walk into deep the place see to have is a little bit better of Huan monster.

"That we see!"The Yu star also want and see to still have what Huan monster, here already have quite a few a kind him have never seen.

"Good, that we leave!"Everyone together idea for the beginning seek me with should concealed.

But I with shoulded be concealed to then stopped down in a waterfalls in front."Should be concealed, you say if ability at so of the place live bottom whether very good?Ignore a world matter, quiet enjoy life."I see a beauty here of landscape say of regrets.

But should be concealed although also like here, "good is good, can you would have been live bottom?Now say of very good to listen, wait you to live long would also annoy of.Good, now should we grasp a Huan monster?"Should be concealed once my enthusiasm to lane put out.

"Good pull, I know you to like what type of, you see there of the should be you to like of!Haven't go yet to grasp!"I see opposite of a dark the Huan monster of the attribute, I think should concealed would be certain grasp of.

But should be concealed on seeing also like very much, two words not said and then jump opposite shore to grasp.His target is a dark dog monster, the hunting dog of a head of black.I am quiet to lean on part of tree top see should concealed how deal with this Huan monster.Original this dark dog monster is to come to waterfalls side to drink water, who know to just appear to have personal type before finishing drink a surface.It immediately did an attack power, but should concealed a see oneself of find to oneself very vigilance smiled to smile, "ha ha, if did you win.I put you to walk.But if you lost and be my Huan a monster.Did you listen to clear?"Should be concealed to say with a smile.

I origin think should concealed so say that being a wave take a lot of time, but that dark dog monster be incredibly understand of point nod.I see so of the circumstance know this dark dog monster certain different sort, as for how different sort I don't know.I also have to see first, then say.But at this time should be concealed have been already openned a dozen with dark dog monster, the dark dog monster be like a the arrows which leave Xian, fast of fly to should concealed.But should be concealed moment beginning variety, a pair of wing of bat is from his back long come out, a rightness sharp point of Liao tooth also long come out."Dizzy, really can not stand him, grasp a Huan monster to have a necessity to change a body?"I inwardly shake to say.

But should the concealed not think like this.He know the enemy's speed very quick, if constant body root just draw, so can't hold tight it.But dark dog monster a saw the enemy's appearance become to get a fright first immediately stopped down.But took a look and offend past.The speed of the dark dog monster again promote, but compare with to become after death of should concealed still bad of far.It's a concealed side body's turn to once avoided the fly of dark dog monster rush toward and once avoided attack empress should concealed multiply by to win to make track for shot with oneself the advantage of the speed to solve a dark dog monster.But the dark dog monster know oneself of the speed can not compare with a somebody else immediately oneself of strength the usage arrive outside, formation a protection film.But the attack should be concealed drive all this film to offset.

I a see so of the circumstance is more affirmation this Huan monster be remarkable.Have so the intelligence quotient of the Gao isn't general of the Huan monster should have.I see should concealed return true was a little bit difficult to do.I looking at to become fascinated to connect to have thing to looking at here didn't also detection.Should be concealed at this time also detection oneself of attack resulted in at all what injury."Good, want than dark strength BE!I show you what be a real dark strength."Say that begin medium emergence the orb of a black, inside of dark strength is really big.I a see dark to call not good, so of dark the strength love benefit and Xuan would certain bad feel, collapse can that guy arrive nothing important.I am afraid Xuan and love benefit to kill should concealed!I don't exert to worry.But at this time dark dog monster also the felling arrived dangerous, immediately open mouth a white of orb slowly formation.

"What?Does the light fasten strength?Is really seldom seen!Unexpectedly here also the ability grasp two fasten of Huan monster.However the light fasten with dark fasten together still is really seldom seen.Almost say that is to have no.It's concealed this boy's turn to still really have good luck!"I am see and say.I don't worry should the concealed meeting lose me felling dark dog monster of light fasten strength to can not compare with should concealed dark fasten strength.

Should be concealed to see oneself most dislike of light fasten immediately hair young tiger, moment black of orb quick of become big.The time arrived certain size for the sake of, don't let the dark dog monster escape should concealed still used top ability'realm'give°ed the dark dog monster to tie up, but the dark dog monster see attack have already come over, can't after oneself of light ball hurl go out.Two orb collide with each other to have no explosion, dark of the orb slowly make the light swallow the end ball to.Swallow end light empress the ball the orb of the black because of the offset of strength diminished a lot of, but still keep shooting an immobile and dark dog monster.1 bomb the inside of the waterfalls of water all splashed to get up.Explosion later on of the smoke is splash of water spread for lane, because of attribute of relation, should concealed of attack can't let it move.If change don't of Huan monster perhaps early dead.

"I say should concealed, your use don'tbuy runescape gold   seek so?You see my clothes all wet.BE not grasp a Huan monster!Excited too much."I part clothes lane stem part rightness should concealed say.

Should be concealed to chew to say:"Slice, who call you did attended to see forget dangerous?Good, I grasped."Say and then throw that ball past.I origin think what he will order contract with that Huan monster, who know him but grasp with the ball.

That ball at soon shoot a dark dog monster of time drive a breeze wolf monster to dozen return."Should be concealed, your etc. this I wanted.Ha ha, he is certain different sort also.You of the Huan monster temporarily will not occupy and now saw me to accepted it."I just clothes lane stem see this breeze wolf monster should concealed ball dozen return.I felt pretty interesting immediately to jump past the arrestment come forward go to of should concealed."Hey Hey, you can't suggestion etc. how many minutes?"I see the appearance of his disaffection say.

"Not suggestion, you please, etc. at long also nothing important."Should be concealed to see of smile for the whole body cringe once.Who know my smiling face isn't the smiling face of devil!

"That good.Come to our beginning!"I turn round to toward that breeze wolf monster to say.I just saw it of eyes hear a person's voice be say:Why do you want to grasp my companion?Why?

"Dragon, what's the matter with you?How not attack?"Should be concealed to see me stay over there an on every occasion not understand of ask a way.

I drive he so on calling to wake up just, eyes of the detection that breeze wolf monster didn'ted be just so bright.I once understand, is it talking with me."I have no matter, now beginning."Say that finish me blunt go up.Although the speed isn't very quick, with just of should concealed have of ratio.But enemy root have never thought the mankind's speed's ability so quick, just should concealed change the body was no longer a person.In the breeze wolf the eyes of the monster should be concealed not be regarded as mankind.But I have never change body so quick, make it very shocked.Can it is after all the Huan monster of breeze attribute and averted from a my hand knife all of a sudden.Immediately after be a series of of attack, although my attack purpose be just dozen dizzy it, it arrive good, every time attack all want my life."Depend, don't think me to dare not to harm you.Showing you I not is good humiliate.How.There is kind we everywhere whose the attack be severe.If you won us to immediately walk person.If you lost and then do my Huan a monster how?"I fall to the ground behind and then say from the air.I think just of words if is that Huan monster say of that I say of the words should also listen to of see.But the somebody else still don't think so quick cent victory or defeat.Have bottom blunt come over, the speed this time be quick a lot of.I am a behind empty turned over to avert from the attack of the enemy, but enemy not is attack I.Just want let me jump air just.Toward air of I be the blade of a breeze!The breeze blade accurately ined the clout me, but so the attack of the low class but harm not arrive mine.

"Dragon, you good is really slow!Not is say good etc. how many minutes?Now has already led half a hour.You see a Yu star and they also sought to come over."Should be concealed to say opposite of Yu star they.

I a saw that time also wait to solve.Can be I see my opponent I got a fright, my in front station true a half machine, accurately say to be a half metals of breeze wolf monster, although evolution empress is have no attribute, if is think reserve of the words can be also.The big gun that the left side hang already in the storage energy.I a see immediately preparation an attack.

", You see the dragon elder brother's opponent be an evolution behind of!Find out a so severe Huan monster in the beginning.It is really severe."The Yu star admire of say.He touched touch oneself's Huan monster say:"Hey Hey, the my Huan monster also is able to be certain evolution of."But be the others also very shocked, how can have a so severe Huan monster here?

The orb in the my hand more and more big, what I use is pure energy of so comparison have power.But enemy also in the storage strength, now both parties all at wait for opportunity.I a saw the enemy's strength smaller than me to immediately give° the energy ball to throw to go out.The enemy then smiled to smile and immediately shot big gun.I origin think I of the energy ball can win.Who know once and then is held up, and return at 1.1 point dynasty me."Dizzy, I how forget, it is can the side shoot a side saving strength.Even my energy ball is more severe than it, but very quick meeting drive exceed of.Flub!"I immediately coagulate an energy ball again in hand medium, preparation again shoot an energy ball.I think 2 and should be able to vanquish it!But my attack still drive crest come back.

"Dragon, your idiocy?Stem not it be the dozen dizzy?Now it but can't avoid of?"Should be concealed at one the side say.

Once I listen to, rightness I how forgot at the beginning of purpose.I a moment moved to move to an enemy of flank, immediately after be one shot energy hand knife, common of the hand knife be useless.Enemy drive I once the dozen be dizzy.But lose after energy supply, my attack immediately dynasty I flew to come over.1 of bomb, this of explosion than just still wanted big top a lot of.The tree of surroundings is all blow slanting.But water of the waterfalls is very also splash Gao.However Yu star they but all open a protection cover of, didn't pour to a little water at all.Smoke three open behind me have no lie prone of matter on the ground.

"Dragon, you ha ha, you want to stay away an attack also need not so?Are you so not very good-looking?"Should be concealed at one side cachinnation way.

I trembled to tremble to tremble the soil of body all down.Immediately after I accept to that Huan monster in the ball.But the small gold flew to come over with small ash at this time.Seeing to them seem to have a little not to welcome it.

"Good, you don't want to think too many, haven't I ordered contract with it.I later will put it."I give they explanation way."Hey Hey, should be concealed just you whether seek and then know will have so of therunescape accounts   result just tell mine."I a moment move to appear at should concealed in front.But he also just oneself of the Huan monster accept.

 Chapter 116- The ~ meet ~

"!, Dragon do you want to frighten to death a person?Burst upon in my in front.Luckily I have no heart attack, otherwise true is frightenned to death by you."Shoulded be concealed to just come to hand the inside to the ball my person appear at his at present, distance not arrive one Li rice.Ordinary people if have no heart attack will be also frightenned a heart attack.

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